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Toronto Train Show
Rules & Guidelines

DEALER CONTRACT - Page 1 of 2 Pages
(Page 2 to be signed and returned)
Send Table Contracts to: Doug Jarvis
P.O.Box 217
Grimsby, ON
Canada, L3M 4G3
Ph: (905) 945-2775
Advertising Requests: Bev Jarvis
P.O.Box 217
Grimsby, ON
Canada, L3M 4G3
Ph: (905) 945-2775
Email -

I wish to participate in the THE TORONTO CHRISTMAS TRAIN SHOW, November 17, 2013 and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. With no reservations: I, the undersigned do hereby agree to release The Toronto Christmas Train Show, Toronto Show Promotions and its owners and employees, the International Centre and its owners and employees, any of the subcontractors employed for this show and its owners and employees, for any loss or injury to the exhibitor and/or his property while en route to or from, or on the premises of, the aforementioned show or any activities associated with this show.

2. Security: Uniformed guards will remain on the premises 12.00 noon Saturday, November 16, 2013 until 6.00pm Sunday, November 17, 2013. Dealers should take precautions to secure high value items and cash.

3. Sales Space: Booth size is 10' frontage by 10' deep with 1-8' x 30" display table. Table coverings are not supplied but are required. You may use your own display units and/or tables. Extra tables are available at an additional cost as per part 2 of the contract. Chairs will be provided free. Height of displays is not to exceed 8 feet.

4. Table/Booth Locations: The allocation of sales space will be made by the date of receipt of completed contract forms with full payment.

5. Items for Sale: Only trains and train related items will be accepted and all stock is subject to the approval of Toronto Show Promotions. All items offered for sale must be clearly priced, and all reproduction items must be clearly marked as such.

6. Applications/ Refunds: All applications must be accompanied by a signed contract and a cheque for the full amount due for the reserved space made payable to Toronto Show Promotions. Dealers who wish to cancel must do so before September 15, 2013 in order to receive a full refund. If booths are cancelled after September 15, 2013 and prior to October 15, 2013, then they will be subject to a service fee of $40.00 per booth. If space is cancelled after October 15, 2013 the dealer shall not receive a refund. If the show must be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the promoters, there shall be no refunds.

7. Set-Up/Show Times: Dealers and exhibitors with 3 or more booths will be given an early entry pass for drive in access to their booth on Saturday November 17, 2013 from 12.00 noon . The balance of the dealers and exhibitors and the large dealers who did not start setup before 2.00pm shall have access to the loading area at the back of the hall from 2.00pm until 6.00pm & Sunday November 17, 8-9.30am.. You must be preregistered before going to the unloading area. DEALERS MUST REMAIN setup for all the hours that the show is open to the public. The show will be open to the public from 10.00am to 4.00pm Sunday November 17, 2013. All dealers must remain setup until 4pm. Failure to remain for the full show will cancel your dealer participation in the future.

8. Table Staffing: Only two persons will be allowed per dealer booth without prior written permission from Toronto Show Promotions. The privileges of set-up time are intended only for those persons participating in the show. This will be strictly enforced. If other persons are required , floor trading privileges and charges will apply.

9. Contracted services: hydro, telephone, internet services, 8 foot booth backdrop, extra booth requirements or fixtures, water etc. incur extra charges and must be ordered no later than 2 weeks before the show.

10. Confirmation: This application is subject to acceptance by Toronto Show Promotions. All accepted applications will receive a confirmation. Any applications not accepted will receive a full refund.


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